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We assess and provide all types of dryer repair services.

We do standard maintenance, replacement of dryer parts, diagnosing dryer issues, and dryer repair service, to name a few. We service all makes and models of dryers.

If you need cheap dryer repair, don't wait until your dirty laundry is spilling down the hall. We are proud to offer outstanding, professional dryer repair service. We look forward to arriving to your home on the next available appointment that works for you, to help you get your dryer working again like new.

Why procrastinate another day when you don't have to? Having to haul all your dirty clothes down to the laundry mat and spend hours doing what could take a fraction of the time in your own home is a pain.

So if your dyer is not performing up to your standards, or if it has stopped working completely, contact us today. Put an end to the inconvenience of not having a well functioning dryer. Call the professionals today and we can be at your home on the next available service call appointment. Our experienced team services dryer repair and replacement of dryer parts in Houston TX, and the surrounding areas.

Our local crew is highly knowledgeable and works quickly and aims to complete the dryer repair jobs as efficiently as possible.

Don't bother attempting to tinker with your dryer or perform the dryer repairs yourself. That can be dangerous and possibly end up costing you more in the long run.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Modern dryers typically feature moisture sensors. These sensors read the dryness level of the clothing and tell the dryer when it's okay to stop the load. This feature is great for energy efficiency as it allows you to avoid running the machine for longer than what's necessary. However, sometimes the sensor becomes defective - a sign of this is a dryer that keeps running even though the clothes are certainly dry. Replacing a sensor is a bit of a hassle without professional help, but the part itself is very affordable.


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