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Secure your household with efficient professional appliance repair solutions. Call (281) 984-1702

Our licensed technicians deliver professional appliance repair in Houston, TX. We strive to deliver remarkable service for a reasonable price. You can count on us to earn your trust and respect much like our history of satisfied customers. When you need it done promptly and for a competitive price, you’ve found the right crew!

(281) 984-1702

Appliance repair in Houston discount
Quality appliance repair in Houston TX
Appliance repair in Houston fair pricing

Our technicians are all trained in every service we offer. We have access to replacement parts for all major brands and will be able to find a right solution to getting your appliance up and running.

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Appliance repair fair price in Houston TX

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Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or you need just one part to make your appliance working again, we are here to help. We stock appliance repair parts for most major brands from Whirpool and SubZero to Maytag and Bosch.
Our ordering service is simple and nearly all packages can be shipped for next day delivery. Do not hesitate and call us or order online.
There are four easy ways to find parts.
1. Search our illustrated parts breakdowns by entering your model number in the search box on the left side of the page.
2. If you know your part number, you can enter it in the search box on the left side of the page.
3. You can browse through our categories for photos of the most popular parts and accessories
4. If you need any help finding the part or accessory that you are looking for, you can call our customer care agents at 877-403-3188.
You should remember that replacing worn out parts before they break can increase your appliance's life expectancy. If you follow the manufacturer's directions, you may be able to service it yourself. Otherwise you can contact our repair service directly to come and look at your appliances.

Are you in need of fast and effective refrigerator repair service? We can help! We would be glad to visit your home for refrigerator repair on the next available appointment. Whether the job you have for us may be big or small, we do it all. We service all brands and models of refrigerators. We can provide you with standard maintenance, replacement of refrigerator parts, and we perform general refrigerator repair service. We'll be there to diagnose the issue and address the problem if you so choose.

Is your washer not performing like it used to? Do you need prompt assistance with washer repair or washer parts? We can help. Avoid the hassle of having to go to the laundry mat, or having dirty clothing all over the house. We can be at your home on the next available appointment to give you exceptional washer repair or replacement of washer parts in Houston, TX and other areas. We take the utmost pride in our outstanding washer repair services.

It is a hassle to have an oven on the fritz, so call us soon to get it fixed! Oven parts are typically difficult to replace. They also can be hazardous to try to on your own if you haven't been properly training on how to do so. We specialize in servicing all makes and models of ovens. Whether you're in the market for just standard maintenance to keep your oven well tuned, or you need replacement of oven parts, we can help. We offer a variety of oven repair services, to include: standard maintenance ...

Let us uncover a remedy for your stove repair issues. Avoid the inconvenience of not being able to cook meals for yourself and for your family. Whether you think your stove may be broken, or if your food is not being cooked all the way, we can assist you. We take pride in our exemplary stove repair services. You can count on timely and efficient service. When you need stove repair or range parts in Houston, TX, let us handle it.

Issues with dishwashers can sometimes cause water or property damage, as well as a disruption to the household. Who wants a messy sink full of dirty dishes to hand wash? Avoid leakage on your kitchen floor if you're experiencing water issues with your dishwasher. Don't delay in contacting the professionals today. We can be at your home on the next available appointment to assess the situation for you. Whether the issue may seem big or small, have it looked as soon as possible.

We service all brands and models of freezers, whether new or older. We specialize in all types of freezer repair service. We can perform standard maintenance, replacement of freezer parts, diagnosing issues, and freezer repair service. The best part is: we can be on our way to you on the next available appointment. If you need freezer repair or freezer parts in Houston, TX, now you know who to call. We arrive to your home swiftly to discover a solution as soon as possible to get your freezer ...

Need ice, but can't get it? Is you ice maker not functioning like is should? Our main areas of expertise are in all types of ice maker repair service. We issue standard maintenance, replacement of ice maker parts, examining potential problems, and ice maker repair service. We service all makes and models of ice makers. If you think you may need ice maker repair service, don't wait. Contact us now. We can be there to find a solution on the very next available appointment, to get ...

Living with a malfunctioning garbage disposal is the pits, especially when you have a family or a full household. You don't have to put up with a messy sink or a clogged drain any longer. If you are experiencing issues with your garbage disposal or garbage disposal parts, don't hesitate another minute, contact us today! We aim to provide top quality garbage disposal service to our customers on each and every service call. We specialize in all types of garbage disposal repair services ...

Our licensed technicians deliver professional appliance repair in Houston, TX. We strive to deliver remarkable service for a reasonable price.
You can count on us to earn your trust and respect much like our history of satisfied customers. When you need it done promptly and for a competitive price, you've found the right crew!
To give you an overview of what to expect on the initial service call:
1) The potential issue is examined by our licensed technicians, to pin-point the problem with your appliance or appliance parts.
2) If there is a problem detected, you are given a written estimate including all parts and labor costs calculated from the MASNPG or the industry standard "Appliance Blue Book."
3) Once you make the decision to go ahead with the repair work, the service charge is waived for you. At that point you would not be charged any of the travel to your home, diagnosis fee, or hourly rate.
4) In the event that you elect to not have the service performed, then a charge would only apply for the service call and the written estimate.
We understand that when it comes to appliance repair service companies, you have a lot to choose from in Houston, TX. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Appliance parts and appliance repair is our area of expertise.
We also recognize that having issues with your household appliances can be very frustrating and terribly inconvenient.
We are pleased to offer top quality appliance repair services, to help make your household run more smoothly. When you need appliance repair or appliance parts in Houston, TX, we're the right choice.
Contact us today!

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The convenience of having a well functioning microwave is outstanding. It's so nice to be able to whip up quick and easy meals for yourself and your family with such a busy life to lead. Whether you're on the way out the door for the day, or have just returned home from a long day at work, nuke it and enjoy! When you have issues with your microwave or microwave parts; it can really interrupt the flow of your day. We take pride and honor in our professional microwave repair services.

We assess and provide all types of dryer repair services. We do standard maintenance, replacement of dryer parts, diagnosing dryer issues, and dryer repair service, to name a few. We service all makes and models of dryers. If you need dryer repair, don't wait until your dirty laundry is spilling down the hall. Call us now, and we'll be there to find a solution as quickly as possible to get your dryer working again. If you need dryer repair or dryer parts in Houston, TX, give us a ring today.

Houston appliance repair
Houston appliance repair